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Road Runner High Speed Internet

Ready to get running? Road Runner High Speed Online runs on our Advanced Fiber Network, so it knocks the socks off DSL and leaves Dial Up in the dust. Photos, games, videos, whatever you want-itís there. Itís not just fast. Itís Road Runner fast. Sign Up Here

Whatís the Secret to Road Runner Speed?

Instead of a standard computer modem hooked up to a local phone line, you are provided with a high-speed cable modem that links your computer to Time Warner Cable's fiber-optic/coaxial network. Super fast. Simple.

What Makes Road Runner Different?

  • Road Runner has triple the speed of the standard DSL package and is up to 100 times faster than dial-up
  • With cable, your connection is always Ďoní
  • Free Internet Security Suite keeps your computer safe from online threats
  • You can control what content your kids see with FREE Parental Controls
  • Our service is simple to install and customer service is local
  • Youíll get fast download speeds and secure shopping
  • Easy to use and fast Webmail client with multiple accounts
  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee

Get streaming entertainment, video games, and the latest news-everything you want to do on the Internet is waiting for you all in one place.

How Do I Get Started?

With a Road Runner subscription from Time Warner Cable it's easy to get connected. We provide the modem, and show you how to get the best from the Internet and your computer.

Not a Road Runner customer yet?  What are you waiting for?

Digital Cable from Time Warner Cable

When you sign up for Time Warner Digital Cable, you're getting much more than ordinary cable TV service. You'll enjoy an enhanced, interactive High Definition experience ó the very latest in home entertainment that gives you more choice and more control over what you watch and when you watch it.


With a High-Definition television, enjoy the best HD channels without paying extra for your HD digital cable box! With access to 100 HD channels, enjoy everything from local networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox to sports channels including ESPN and MSG. 

Time Warner Cable offers more free HDTV choices than Satellite. Great programming in primetime. More On Demand shows. And, unlike Satellite, you donít have to pay twice for the same programming.

Digital Video Recorder

A DVR lets you record what you want when you want. is an enhanced Digital Cable set-top box that uses a built-in hard drive to record and store your favorite TV shows. With an HD-DVR, you can record HD shows and play them back with the same superior clarity and sound quality. With a DVR you can:

Search for Shows
The on-screen programming guide makes it easy to find your favorite shows.
Record an Entire Series
You can program DVR to record every episode of your favorite series. Your shows will record even if they change day or time or run longer than scheduled.
Watch One Show While Recording Another
Now you can record a show at the same time you are watching another show.
Play Back a Recorded Program While Recording Two Other Shows
With the Time Warner Cable DVR, you can record up to two other shows, while watching a previously recorded show.
Pause and Rewind Live TV
Pause live TV shows for up to one hour. You can also rewind and watch scenes over again or fast-forward to catch up to real time.
Store Shows
Most DVRs can store up to 80 hours of standard-definition programming. An HD-DVR stores up to 35 hours of high-definition programming.
Set Parental Controls
Decide what your kids watch ó and donít watch.

On Demand

On Demand gives you thousands of choices instantly, and new shows are added every day. Itís like having a video store in your living room. Watch movies, sports and your favorite shows all on your schedule ó with many available in HD.

NEW! Start Over

Transform your television experience with the revolutionary new Start Over, exclusively from Time Warner Cable. Just press "SELECT" on your remote when you see the Start Over prompt and you can restart a show already in progress. Itís easy and itís free with your Digital Cable service.

Digital Phone from Time Warner Cable

One price, one bill, from one company ó it doesn't get any easier than that. Digital Phone from Time Warner Cable gives you unlimited local and long distance calling at one low monthly price. You can keep your current phone number and existing phone. You also get advanced calling features included free!

Calling features include:

Caller ID on TV
Caller ID on TV is a convenient way to see whoís calling while youíre watching TV. This service is free to customers with Digital Cable and Digital Phone.
3-Way Calling
3-Way Calling allows you to add a third person to your phone conversation.
Caller ID
Protect your privacy ó and your free time. See who's calling before you answer the phone by looking on the screen on your Caller ID enabled phone.
Call Waiting
When you're on the phone and a second call comes in, you will hear a "Beep." You can put your call on hold while you answer the other.
Anonymous Call Reject
You can block unwanted calls from people who do not send their caller ID information.
Call Forwarding
Automatically forward your calls to a local, long distance or mobile phone number.


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